Postkarte an Toni Gerber
  • James Lee Byars
  • Postkarte an Toni Gerber, 1992

  • roter Stift, schwarze Stempelfarbe auf Postkarte Sequoia Sempervirens
  • 10.4 x 14.9 cm
  • nicht bezeichnet
  • Kunstmuseum Luzern, Schenkung Sammlung Toni Gerber
  • Inv.-Nr. 2009.43:9y
  • © Estate of James Lee Byars, Courtesy Galerie Michael Werner Berlin, Köln und New York
  • Jahr von: 1,992
  • Jahr bis: 1,992

Lesart: stets eine Zeile überspringen, beginnend mit “O great Toni”

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„I just boughtone“

„you and Wittgenstein were right/
O great Toni I sit in/
in Cambodia shes with/
a tiny redwood cabin look/
a young Buddhist priest very/
ing at a beautiful fire and/
lovely and you pappa Gerber/
you jump up in my mind I/
I thank you for the great Bern/
love that you are gone for 3/
museum placement I must do a/
to 7 yrs I am sure you are/
great show there o Toni do/
making wonderful notebks/
send me a long long letter/
and more beauties no doubt/
about you our love to you B + W/
Maria you know bought a house”

(transkribiert von Patrizia Keller)